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We are very pleased to offer you suitable venues for your events. We will arrange the coordination of their hire and furnishing.

A small sample of the venues we offer for social and corporate events:

Žofín Palace

An imposing neo-renaissance palace on Slovanský ostrov, a river island in Prague. Its ideal location in the city centre and the layout of its halls is suitable for any occasion and any number of people.

Žofín Palace Žofín Palace

Chateau Zbiroh

The oldest stately home in the Czech Lands, which has been converted into the current neo-renaissance chateau. Chateau Zbiroh lies just 20 minutes from Prague. It has a number of salons and halls for events for anywhere between 20 and 800 people. The sixty-hectare chateau park can be used for a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

Chateau Zbiroh Chateau Zbiroh

Palace of Industry in Prague

This unique example of Czech architecture is suitable for large events, receptions, banquets, conferences and exhibitions. The Palace of Industry currently offers two massive rooms that can be connected – the Right and the Central Wings.

Palace of Industry in Prague Palace of Industry in Prague

Prague Castle – Spanish Hall

Prague Castle dominates the city and offers a number of rooms that can be hired for various kinds of events. The largest and noblest hall is the Spanish Hall, which is suitable for the most demanding clientele wanting the very best the Czech Republic can offer.

Prague Castle – Spanish Hall Prague Castle – Spanish Hall

Prague Castle – Rudolf Gallery

This hall is adjacent to the Spanish Hall and the two halls can be connected. With its architecture and décor the Rudolf Gallery is a smaller copy of the Spanish Hall.

Prague Castle – Rudolf Gallery Prague Castle – Rudolf Gallery

Prague Castle – Rothmayer Hall

This hall lies in front of the entrance to the Spanish Hall and the Rudolf Gallery. The Rothmayer Hall is suitable for receptions, cocktail parties and concerts. In combination with the Spanish Hall it is mostly used for welcome drinks.

Prague Castle – Rothmayer Hall Prague Castle – Rothmayer Hall

Prague Castle – Ball Games Hall

The Ball Games Hall at Prague Castle is a separate building in the gardens with impressive French windows opening onto the park. Its size is suitable for social events for up to 300 people, and when the weather is good the adjacent gardens can also be used.

Prague Castle – Ball Games Hall Prague Castle – Ball Games Hall

National House in Vinohrady

The neo-renaissance National House is located on Náměstí míru in the centre of Prague. Three large halls and a number of salons are available. The largest hall, the Majakovský Hall, resembles the Large Hall at Žofín Palace. The building offers a wide variety of arrangements, making it suitable for all kinds of events.

National House in Vinohrady National House in Vinohrady


The home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra – a neo-renaissance building in a beautiful location in the centre of Prague, suitable for all kinds of social events.
Ceremony Hall - an impressive venue for receptions, gala evenings and other social events.
Dvořák Hall - a magnificent concert hall for 1 100 people with excellent acoustics, suitable for choral, symphony and chamber music with an exceptionally fine organ. Ideal for use in combination with a gala evening or reception in the Ceremony Hall.
Suk Hall - a concert hall suitable for smaller concerts, seminars and presentations for up to 220 people.
Column Hall - an attractive venue for receptions and social events adjacent to the Ceremony Hall.

Rudolfinum Rudolfinum

National House in Smíchov

The National House in Smíchov is a fine example of Czech art nouveau architecture in the centre of Prague. It is well arranged: from the basement to the ground floor with the Social Hall, the impressive staircase and the first floor with the Large Hall and the Arbes Hall, it offers rooms for all kinds of social events for a large number of guests.

National House in Smíchov National House in Smíchov

Kaiserštejnský Palace

Thanks to its art history details and valuable furnishings the Kaiserštejnský Palace on Malostranské náměstí has the character of a museum. The palace, which is included on the UNESCO list, can be used for social events. In view of its unique location and atmosphere we recommend it for various corporate events and evenings.

Kaiserštejnský Palace Kaiserštejnský Palace

Malostranský Palace

The late baroque hall of the refectory has been adapted for various kinds of events. A smaller hall, equipped with the technology required, is ideal for seminars and business meetings.

Malostranský Palace Malostranský Palace

Velkopřevorský Palace

You could hardly find a better venue for small and quiet meetings. The Velkopřevorský Palace is located away from the bustle of the tourist zone, next to Kampa Park. Here you are not confined to the interior of the palace: the palace garden is ideal for garden parties. Your guests will also enjoy refreshments in the open air during conferences.

Velkopřevorský Palace Velkopřevorský Palace

St. James Franciscan Monastery

This church and monastery are among the most interesting monuments in Prague, combining architectural styles from the gothic to the high baroque. It has a rich history: in 1311 it was the site of the coronation feast of John and Elisabeth of Bohemia. There are three venues here that can be used for a variety of purposes, as you choose: the John of Bohemia Hall, the gothic arcade passage, the gothic cellar and the courtyard with a garden.

St. James Franciscan Monastery St. James Franciscan Monastery

Lucerna Palace

This multipurpose art nouveau palace was the first reinforced concrete building in Prague, with a covered and glazed passage the like of which had not been seen before in the Czech Lands. Located in the centre of Prague, it offers two halls for social and corporate events: the Large Hall and the Marble Hall. The Large Hall is only suitable for large events with a large number of guests.

Lucerna Palace Lucerna Palace

Czech Museum of Music

The museum is located in the former baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene in Malá Strana. Apparently one of the largest organs in Prague could be heard at the end of the 17th century in the massive hall with three floors of balconies. That impressive hall is a perfect venue for unforgettable receptions, gala evenings and other social events.

Czech Museum of Music Czech Museum of Music

Sacre Coeur Chapel

The unique Sacre Coeur Chapel in Prague, dating from 1884, has undergone a complete reconstruction and the paintings have been restored. It will give your event an unforgettable, unique and original atmosphere. In view of its majestic interior the chapel is much in demand for all kinds of events. The courtyard in front of the chapel can be used in combination with the interior.

Sacre Coeur Chapel Sacre Coeur Chapel

Slavonic house

This venue in the very centre of Prague with a total capacity of more than 1 000 people (the Large Ballroom with a gallery and the Small Ballroom) is ideal for gala evenings, social events with entertainment, receptions, parties, fashion shows, etc.

Slavonic house Slavonic house

Martinický Palace

This originally gothic palace from the mid-14th century on Hradčanské náměstí is steeped in mystery. The Large Hall with many adjoining salons is ideal for social events and conferences for up to 200 people. The courtyard with a fountain and the garden, near Jelení příkop, can also be hired.

Martinický Palace Martinický Palace

Kaunický Palace

A baroque venue in the centre of Prague for social events with the option of hiring individual salons or the entire palace. There are six rooms – six salons with period furnishings – on the first floor: the Music Salon, the Rose Salon, the Green Salon, the Red Salon, the Silver Salon and the Blue Salon.

Kaunický Palace Kaunický Palace

Glass Cupola on Wenceslas Square

This is a very futuristic venue on the roof of a bank on Wenceslas Square, offering a magnificent view of Wenceslas Square and the National Museum. It can be reached by an elevator (to the sixth floor) or a staircase. The cupola has two floors with the central spiral staircase and a large bar.

Glass Cupola on Wenceslas Square Glass Cupola on Wenceslas Square

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